Monday, September 12, 2016


I shall pen today,
Memories of bygone days,
Alas, words can't do justice,
To unforgettable experiences,
This writing does just remain,
A plea to relive them again.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Absence and fondness

**Dedicated to numerous moments when being far from someone has made me realize their true value **

Proximity oft does muddle how the heart does feel,
Like the tiny white puffy cloud above does the mighty sun conceal,
Oft, distances are vital in reminding us of what is important and real,
Oft, absence is needed for love to, in all its fervor, itself reveal.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Celebrating others

Remember this, today and forever more,
For it shall serve you well -
Everyone has a story to tell,
Their masterpiece to display,
A starring role in a play,
Rejoice in the moments they shine,
Looking beyond I, me and mine,
If only for a selfish wish,
That similar accord to you they dish.

On a related note, is there ever a truely selfless act?

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Twilight thoughts

Staring out of the window,
Vehicles zoom by,
The cityscape lights up,
Indicating night is nigh,
The moon swaps places with the sun,
The baked roads heave a relieved sigh.

As the curtain falls on yet another day,
The poignant setting leads thoughts astray,
Some memories cannot be held at bay,
The mind working in its own mysterious way,
Overwhelms him with emotion; melancholy holds sway.

Abrupted by a light streaking across the sky,
He gazes up to see an elusive shooting star fly by,
This arrests the pervading mood,
Closing his eyes, resting his weary hands on his heart,
He breathes deeply, taking in the present,
Thankful for the ephemeral celestial boon,
Reassured that it will be morning soon.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Lost in sound

The silent lips slowly part,
Heralding the work of art,
People huddled around,
Instantly smitten by the sound.

The pervading melody,
Emanates straight from the heart,
With each subtle note,
Stirring memories of the past...
An amorous moment, a broken heart.

Memories that with each sung verse,
Ephemeral emotions bequeath,
Like leaves blowing away to reveal,
A glimpse of what lies beneath,
For newly blown leaves to conceal.

Close your eyes you must,
Least they diminish,
The ear's sensory pursuits,
Surrendering yourself,
To the mellifluous sound,
Lost in the singer's voice,
Your soul you've found.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

A tryst with the night

Stealing a moment of respite,
I keep my date, pressing work despite.
Staring up at the night sky,
Thoughts meander -
Resting on days gone by,
Shattered dreams dotting the way,
Aspirations that couldn't see the day's light,
Consigned to the perpetual darkness of the night,
Stripped of the very desire to take flight,
The moon shrouded by the clouds,
Perpetuates the melancholy mood,
And I ruminate on past deeds,
Unfulfilled promises and needs,

Lost in thought, I glance up to see,
A shooting star making its way hastily,
Streaking the skies with an ephemeral glow,
Holding out promises of a better tomorrow,
I take it as a divine sign,
And focus on memories sanguine,
The moon suddenly peeks out,
Revealing to darkness, his clout,
Bathing my surroundings with pure light,
And instilling in me, a willingness to fight,
This was an enlightening tryst with the night.

Saturday, September 28, 2013


Getting up never used to be a chore,
Yet, today just seemed to be a bore,
Slowly dragging his body upright,
He vanquished the vestige of the night,
By reaching out and drawing the curtain.

The golden rays streamed into his den,
Bouncing off motes of dust,
Revealing the form of a pensive soul,
His furrowed brows did make it known,
That he was man to whom did destiny dole,
More than a fair share of cruel hands,
And that his star now just dimly shone.

Yet there was a sparkle in his eyes - an expression of hope,
And of the resolve to live through this phase - to cope,
To weather the storm and to emerge stronger,
To not shy away from his calling any longer,
He steeled himself - he has a long way to tread,
With solitude the solitary companion.