Friday, March 29, 2013

An ode

**Disclaimer** In "light" of not too old scientific discoveries, this poem may not be technically correct ;).

The healer, the revealer,
The herald of change,
Always on the move,
Striding forth regardless,
With naught to prove,
The witness to it all,
From ebb and flow of  the tides,
To seasons spring and fall,
The constant companion,
From cradle to grave,

The oft taken for granted,
Oft over-estimated,
Oft repented,
Oft enjoyed,
Oft reminisced,
Self-contained marvel.

Friday, March 1, 2013

The Happy Place

**Note to self: read when the going gets tough to get to your happy place**

** *
Buried deep in work and irritable too?
Worry not, here's what I cooked up for you

Do you remember the morning at the park,
I'll recount it for you,
Take you down memory's lane,
To a time when all was peaceful and sane,
Let your imagination run wild,
Imagining what follows as would a child.

Twas a memorable day,
Heralded by a cold breeze,
Indeed, in the month of May.
The flowers scented,
Swayed gently, caressed by the wind,
The morning sun streamed upon dewy grass,
And the moon did rescind.
The sky was lit with an orange tint,
The birds hopped and skipped,
From their each step, joy dripped,
The little children frolicked about,
Filled with innocence, their big eyes,
Their little hearts brimming with zest and life,
Each of them beaming a smile.