Sunday, February 27, 2011

Of life and passing moments

Sometimes, moments that are past,
So wonderfully beautiful were they,
We wish they'd, a bit longer, last,
That we'd hold onto them, forever.
But alas, man ain't so clever...

Yet, don't we all, sometimes wish,
We could make time stop,
Make it obey us for just a bit -
To take one particular moment,
And have it eternally persist.

While the pragmatist within us,
Shouts out with all his might,
Telling us, this ain't right.

But, in such moments fleeting,
Everything seems so perfect,
It all seems so rightly decked,
We're at a loss to see,
How being pragmatic would serve us better,
Than being what the heart is crying out to be.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


The breeze brushing lightly against your face,
Carrying with it, the mild fragrance of blossoming flowers;
Bringing back memories of those by-gone days,
Of childhood, when, with friends you'd play,
Hide and seek amongst these swaying trees.

The falling droplets of rain,
Continuously rippling the lake,
Taking you back to the days when,
Scantily clad in just your shorts and tee,
You'd float paper boats in these waters.

The ice cold water caressing your feet,
As it runs melodiously down the ravine,
Sending shivers down your spine; electrifying,
Reminding you, of true love's first kiss.
These are memories to cherish - of pure bliss.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Moving on...


It seems hard to forget,
The times together spent,
Of borrowed sorrows, of loaned smiles,
Of memorable talks and walked miles,

And as the time to depart draws near,
You are filled with a new found fear,
For once, the choice seems a terrible mistake,
And you repent why did you, this decision take.
And as people bid goodbye,
You finds it impossible to not cry.

All seems so bleak and dreary then,
Its hard to imagine the near future when,
Putting all this behind, the past you forget,
And no longer do you, the decision regret.

You might not feel so now,
But time heals the deepest of wounds,
And that day will soon surely dawn,
The day when you'd have moved on...

For you'll soon have found friends anew,
Friends who treat you even better than we do,
(Ok the commented part is perhaps not true :P)