Sunday, December 27, 2009

I promise

How I wish,
I could promise you this,
That I'd never leave your side,
That for ever and ever,
I shall be your guide.

And how I wish,
I could promise you this,
That you'd never have to cope,
With fear and sorrow...
And that each tomorrow,
Would be filled with with happiness plenty.

Oh and how I wish,
I could promise you this,
That come what may,
We shall not part ways,
Together we shall walk...always.

But promise you these things, I can't.
For dear, life is uncertain,
And you and I know not,
What hardships it may bring,
and when He may draw the curtain.

But, yet, a promise I can make,
I promise you this,
Sealed with this kiss,
That I shall love you,
Each day, more than ever,
For as long as I live...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


A trifle afraid,
Somewhat flustered,
Very excited,
Rather clustered.

We pour,
Into our first class.
Surrounded by faces unknown,
To and fro, our furtive eyes dart,
And at each other we stare,
Till to speak does one dare.
Time passes...
Soon, with smiles on our faces,
We meet.
With a pleasant wave,
Each other, we greet.

Bonds form,
Knit by experiences shared,
Glued by secrets deep,
Secrets that we promise to keep.
Time flies...
Our friendship strengthens,
As the time spent together lengthens.

We hang out when free,
We catch the latest movie,
And our friendship blossoms,
The time we spend together is just plain awesome. (:))
But alas,
When do good times ever last.
Before we know,
It is time,
When we must part.
And onwards on our life's journey,
We must depart.

The last few days,
Pass quickly away,
Sorrowful eyes,
Bid each other goodbye.
Hopefully we continue to meet often,
To look back on the fun times spent,
To regale each other with stories new,
And tell tales too amazing to be true!

For friends we were,
Friends we are,
and forever,
We shall remain.

Monday, December 14, 2009

A Love Letter

Your lips curl up into a smile,
And I am beside myself with joy.
A sad tear runs down your tender cheek,
And I wallow in despair.

Each word echoing from your lips,
Is like the ringing of sweet bells.
Your laughter is intoxicating like wine,
Always leaving me wanting for more.

Your eyes, the depth of the ocean they hold,
And mesmerize me whenever I look at them,
Your silky hair, in the cool breeze they sway,
And enamored by these locks, my heart does sigh.

I could keep on writing things about you, my love,
Trying to state how much I love you,
And yet, just as an artist can't do justice Mother Nature,
My word's would never do any justice to my feelings for you,
For no matter how hard I try,
My words shall miserably fail
At trying to capture my love for you.
Still, I attempt to surmise:

The memories of the time spent with you remain etched in my heart.
And the hope of getting to see you again,
Is what gets me through the toughest of ordeals.
You are my world, love,
You are my world and much more.
For if it weren't for you, my love,
I'd be nothing...nothing at all.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Natural sojourn

Blogging after a looong time again :)...but by now, I guess the readers of this blog (if there yet remain any) would have become accustomed to the infrequent updates.

Seeing that my intellectual capacity and also my limited vocabulary are very much unlikely to be the source of works having great literary value every other week, I have decided to veer off from my domain of poems and the likes and shall, from now on, write about...well...anything under the sun. This is in the hope that the increased subject matter that I can now choose to write about will result in an increase in the frequency of updates :)


Standing by the cliff, I gaze out into the horizon. I am greeted by the numerous cascading ranges of mountains, gently fading away into the sky. A cool gentle breeze blows by me, ruffling my hair. The breeze itself is intoxicating, full of the fragrance of myriad flowers.

The sound of the wind crashing into the mountains is punctuated by the chirping of birds and the rustling of leaves. The trees sway to and fro majestically, their movement in perfect harmony with each other.

The sun peers out of the clouds occasionally, briefly imparting the sky a brilliant, almost surreal golden hue. When this happens, the sun's rays rush down to the earth, meeting first with the highest peaks and then flowing down into the valleys, filling them up with gold. It truely is a sight to behold.

It has been a long time since I have felt so carefree...